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mkdocs + 👁 iolanta

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By integrating MkDocs static site builder with Iolanta knowledge management workspace, you can empower your static site with:


Easily link from page to page; check out Linking to pages for more info.


Visualize tables from YAML data with iolanta-tables plugin.


Draw roadmaps with iolanta-roadmap plugin.


Manage Architecture Decision Records with iolanta-adr.

Something missing?

Or anything doesn't work? — submit ➕ an issue!


Python ⩾ 3.10 required.

mkdocs-iolanta is on PyPI.

pip install mkdocs-iolanta
poetry add mkdocs-iolanta
pipenv install mkdocs-iolanta
pdm add mkdocs-iolanta
conda install -c conda-forge mkdocs-iolanta


Open your mkdocs.yml configuration file and configure its plugins section as follows:

  - search                  # (1)!
  - iolanta                 # (2)!
  - macros:                 # (3)!
      on_error_fail: true   # (4)!
  1. The search plugin is built-in and automatically enabled if mkdocs.yml does not specify any plugins at all. But if it does, this built-in plugin must be enabled explicitly.
  2. Support iolanta capabilities for this documentation site.
  3. This enables mkdocs-macros-plugin which is required to utilize Iolanta capabilities on MkDocs pages, such as Render: macro macro.
  4. This setting is highly recommended. If there is an error during rendering MkDocs macros, including those macros provided by Iolanta, the site build will throw an error — making the issue easier to notice both on local development and in CI.